This course is perfect for someone "edging toward abstraction" and seeking to learn collage techniques.

Your collage will be abstract in design and color palette, but the leaf forms will be instantly recognizable, thereby giving comfort to those not "into" abstracts.

Learn how to apply perfect epoxy resin every time.

Collage with Paper Leaves


Collage with Paper and Metal Leaves


Collage with Paper Leaves


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How to Create an Abstract Leaf Collage

Everything you need to know to make paper and metallic leaf designs

Carol will demonstrate her easy method for making eye-catching 3D leaf collages. Follow along as she creates three paintings. You will learn:

  • how to from 3D leaf forms using watercolor paper and metallic tapes
  • how to finish your collage with GAC 800 or epoxy resin
  • substrate choices and presentation methods

You can do this!