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Are you excited by bold colors, rich earthy textures, a love of nature, and a desire to capture it all in your artwork? All artists (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) can master my process with little effort. Drawing skills are not required!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • KNOW all the materials I use in my geologic abstract paintings, including some very affordable texture materials found at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes.)

  • LEARN to paint on watercolor or mixed media paper and mount the best (successful) ones on cradled wood panels.

  • DISCOVER my five "essential" Golden Fluid Acrylics to buy. With these five, you can mix almost any color!

  • TRAIN your eye to pick out the best design. Composition and design are essential in creating compelling geologic abstract paintings. Good design patterns are everywhere, even in sidewalk cracks, if you know how to see them.

  • CREATE a work of art you can be proud of, while learning so many mixed media tips and tricks.

  • JOIN my private Facebook group to discuss the class, ask questions, and show your work.

This video is intended for my art followers around the world, for whom traveling to one of my in-person workshops would be too difficult and expensive. It is also a fabulous resource for those who have already taken the class and need a refresher.

So sit back, you have a FRONT ROW SEAT, as I demonstrate every detail the goes into painting Geologic Abstracts. Let's get started!

How the class works

© Carol Nelson Mixed Media Art

Each lesson is comprised of

  • video segment
  • text segment(s)
  • PDF photos.

Students should click on a lesson, then chose to watch a video, read a text, see the photos When you finish a lesson, click on Complete and Continue to go the next lesson.

I suggest watching/reading the WHOLE process from start to finish before starting your painting. Print the downloadable materials if desired. Then, as your painting progresses, you can go back and replay the lesson you're working from.

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